Masquerades and minutae


The Serendipians have been abroad celebrating Princess M’ 30th birthday… a masquerade ball was in order and the Royal Court obliged. Jazz went as spiderman which doesn’t fit my theme so alas no photo, but here’s the cake – it tasted as glorious as it looks:Image

oops the photo was prior to the silver cake stand arriving.

In case you were wondering, Princess N from outside the realm has presented us with a divine new junior Serendipian – he arrived in very exciting fashion on 4th July. All I am going to say here about it is – you can call his father ‘Doctor’ – we are still in shock. He shall be known in all the land as Prince Sully.

Now onto the minutae, just so that you don’t think Court life is all just about dancing around eating cakes, especially as Bastille Day has just past – we don’t want any prison storming and off with their heads-ing. Rest in peace dear French cousins.

Its been work work work in the land – it really has! Jazz has had to build a bicycle rack as we now have princess riding all over the land. Princess 6 has just graduated from training wheels and passes her test with flying colours. This test was administered by Jazz who now has a new portfolio – he’s officially the Minister for Transport and he endorses safety as #1. If you come to Serendip, be sure to bone up on bicycle safety – P6 has proven that she can avoid danger, fasten her helmet and most importantly of all – she KNOWS her bike. I thought to myself, I know my bikes favourite colour is pink, she’s a Scorpio and she hasn’t had anyprevious relationships but I don’t know much else about her (where does she like to go when abroad? what is her favourite meal? does she drink?). I panicked for a moment that I might fail my test and be banned from riding at Court. Luckily, I overheard the Minister administering the test and the KNOW your bike section involves Jazz asking where different bits of the bike are and what purpose they serve (eg seat? answer – sitting, brakes? stopping, chain – making it go). Whew, I can happily continue to neglect my bike. Princess L would pass both types of a KNOW your bike test as she and her bike are the best of friends. Do they call them ‘deadly treadlies’ in your land?

Produce has been ever abundant in the land lately, and so has the rain. In the sub-tropical antipodes, we are supposed to have cool/warm dry winters which are oh so pleasant. Well we need to appoint someone to lord it over the weather. I have had to wear these my pink gumboots to collect citrus as I am in charge of domestic affairs tonight – Rack of Lamb with honey mustard citrus glaze.  I wonder what my subjects are eating tonight?




best part of the day


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Was it playing pac man and temple run in the royal chamber this morning with the 4 year old and 6 year old princesses? We had an ipad, iphone and an ipod all loaded with the same games. The electric blanket was on and it seemed to give us superior playing power. Our royal toes didn’t touch the icy floorboards until well after 9am. They were sooo encouraging of my feeble attempts and tried not to giggle too hard when I fell from a cliff or was eaten by a little purple muncher.

Or was it having a picnic lunch in the wilds of Serendip? We do love a good ham, cheese and pineapple open toastie.

Actually the best part was when L the princess with superior blogging ability turned up and we made merry with Food and Wine… here’s the herb pizza bread that any Italian Nonna would be proud of. If Michael Angelo was around he’d paint it but in this day and age you have to resort to worship via iphone photography.

Even though today was good, tomorrow will be exceptional! One of the princesses of Serendip – Princess N who is residing outside of the realm will be hopefully phoning in some special news to share with our subjects.

Beginning to blog from the land of Serendip


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One of the princesses of Serendip has talked us into starting a blog… Serendip is a land in the antipodes. It was 4 degrees C here this morn and has warmed up to about 14. We have some small princesses M (6) and M (4)visiting for the school holidays. Their life’s focus seems to be bike riding and banqueting today – maybe a movie after lunch. Princess L – I need help to work out how to link and insert photos. You are summoned to the Royal court xox